Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Coral?

Coral is a UAE-based software company, with decades of combined experience across fintech and other relevant areas, and multiple successful ventures and projects. The Coral team came together with a shared vision of creating more equitable carbon credit markets through providing users with increased transparency and ease of verification.

Who can use Coral?

Coral caters to both corporate entities looking to offset their carbon footprints and individual consumers who wish to make environmentally responsible purchases.

How does Coral contribute to environmental sustainability?

Every transaction made on Coral ensures a direct and maximal environmental impact. By removing middlemen and ensuring every credit's authenticity, we ensure that your contributions go directly towards positive environmental change.

What makes Coral different?

Plenty of projects have had similar headline goals as Coral. All previous attempts have failed to match their promise by pooling credits from different carbon projects together, making it impossible to differentiate between projects and actual credits.

Coral brings trust for participants by ensuring complete transparency in the origin, certification, provenance and verification of each carbon credit and its environmental impact.

How do Coral carbon credits work?

Coral uses a unique system to ensure each credit is distinct and verifiable. All credits are sourced directly from recognized and validating bodies, ensuring they are genuine.

Where does Coral get its carbon credits?

Coral works closely with multiple carbon credit registries to standardize and streamline the process, ensuring that all credits listed on our platform are verified, authentic, and adhere to global standards.

Is Coral compliant with regulatory standards?

Yes, we integrate with various carbon credit registries and standardize processes to ensure our marketplace adheres to the highest regulatory standards.