Real-World Climate Solutions
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A one-stop shop for comprehensive management of your organization’s carbon plan

How it works

A comprehensive solution designed for organizations aiming to understand, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions.

Here's how our program can guide you to reduce your carbon footprint

Carbon Assessment

Begin with a comprehensive analysis of your organization's environmental impact. By examining a multitude of emissions factors across areas such as operations, energy consumption, transportation and supply chains, we provide you with a comprehensive report of your carbon footprint.

Strategic Reduction

We use this data to develop a systematic approach to lowering your carbon output. Whether it's transitioning to green energy, optimizing energy usage, or adapting sustainable business practices, we'll customize a plan that aligns with your goals.

Effective Offsetting

To bridge the gap between your reduction initiatives and net zero targets, we provide offset initiatives. By supporting projects focused on CO2 removal or reduction, like afforestation or green energy ventures, you can neutralize your remaining emissions. We source high quality projects with additional social co-benefits, such as reducing poverty or contributing to Sustainable Development Goals.

Transparent Verification & Reporting

We ensure the credibility of your efforts through third-party audits and adherence to global standards. We assist in showcasing your dedication to sustainability, keeping your stakeholders informed through detailed reports. A full record of transactions is provided for audit purposes.

Case Studies

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