Embed Climate Action into your Business

Offset your carbon footprint with a single click

Make carbon offsetting as simple as sending an email

An easy to use marketplace for verifiable climate action

Our Carbon Offset API makes climate action easy and accessible for everyone. Enable customers to instantaneously offset the environmental impact of products and services for virtually any type of industry, such as delivery, logistics, tourism, utilities, etc.

Our Unique API

Coral's Carbon API is customizable for any use case and seamlessly integrates into your digital platform, whether it is an e-commerce checkout, a mobile application, or an internal Enterprise Resource Planning system. Engineered for ease of use, it empowers both you and your customers to engage in carbon offset initiatives effortlessly with a simple click.

We offer the flexibility of fractional offsetting, allowing you to choose the exact amount of tonnes, kilograms, or grams of CO2 you wish to offset for any physical or digital experience.

  • Seamless integration into any platform
  • Full analysis of emissions factors
  • Simplified carbon offsetting

Coral's API
Simplifying Your Path to Carbon Neutrality

Integrate in your app

Enhance your web/mobile application with our API to offer users an easy way to offset their carbon footprint.

E-commerce integration

Provide your customers with a simple solution to offset the carbon impact of their purchases at checkout.

Internal organization use

Enable automatic offsetting of your organization’s activities by embedding our API into your internal systems.

How Our API Works: 

A Simple, Step-by-Step Approach

Easily integrate our API into your existing digital platform.

CustomizationSet up fractional offsetting options tailored to your business model.

Automatic Offsetting
Our API automatically calculates and offsets the carbon footprint of a product or service.

Comprehensive Reporting
Access detailed reports on your carbon offsetting activities, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Partner with Coral to empower climate action at scale. Join the global movement towards environmental responsibility.

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