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COP28: A Climate Watershed Moment

The eyes of the world will be on Dubai in December 2023 as the city hosts COP28, the 28th annual UN climate change conference. As a startup focused on bringing transparency and trust to carbon markets, Coral is honoured to participate in this event and connect with like-minded leaders and organisations looking to usher in an equitable energy transition. 

Catalyzing Climate Action: Coral Partners with Nissan Formula E

Leadership is key to making meaningful progress against climate change, and corporations like Nissan are stepping up. Coral is proud to have been chosen as Nissan Formula E's official carbon credits partner. Together, we're ensuring transparency in offsetting the racing team's carbon footprint. Coral continues its mission to bring clarity and trust to carbon markets, making environmental responsibility achievable for all.

Carbon Credit Controversies: Addressing Market Flaws

Uncovering the current challenges in the Carbon Credit Market: Delve into the challenges faced by this vital mechanism.

Carbon Credits: What are they?

Dive into the realm of Carbon Credits: Understanding their function and significance in combating climate change, along with the market's challenges.

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